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Talalay is the World¡¯s Best Latex and It¡¯s Inside Every Jamison Latex Sleep System.

Talalay latex is made using the environmentally friendly Talalay process. Rubber particles suspended in water are whipped into a cream and poured into pincone molds where a unique curing process takes place.

After being removed from the mold each mattress core is put through a special cleansing process, then high pressure rollers to wash away residual soaps.

The mattress cores are then individually tested for firmness in our quality control program.

Benefits of the Talalay Latex Bed

  • Long lasting support and exceptionally durable.
  • Conforms perfectly to your body contours for superb comfort and back support.
  • Aerated and well ventilated through pin core and open cell structure
  • Dissipates body heat resulting in a dry and healthy sleeping climate
  • Latex is hypo-allergenic and its anti-microbial properties inhibit bacteria, fungi, and house dust mites ¨C so it can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory problems.
  • Mattresses do not need to be turned as there are little or no subsidiary fillings to settle or pack down.
  • Silent in use with nothing in the mattress to squeak and creak.
  • Independent support means you can move freely without disturbing your partner.

Market for Talalay Latex

  • Customers demanding quality.
  • Customers with medical problems such as: Allergies, Arthritis, Bad Backs, and Stiff Joints.
  • Aging customers who want and need to balance comfort and support.
  • People who cannot turn their mattresses.
  • Former customers who believe ¡°once you sleep on latex ¨C nothing else will do.¡±